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Sissy panties

Your morning started all normal. You woke up and sighed that you are still single. You went to gulp down a large mug of coffee and chewed a burnt toast. You told yourself that you needed to take your ass to the supermarket. You need to eat, right? Then the miracle happened. You bumped into this cute guy and kept on talking. At the end of half an hour, he got your number and you were totally sure he never gonna call you. But, OMG, he totally did. Not only that, he is coming over, today. Girl, what you gonna wear? Let me help you. You will cook for him, right? RIGHT? (If you can’t let me tell you we girls need to know how to make homemade food for our big hunks.) You can’t move swiftly in the kitchen unless you are wearing a comfy panty. You have your sissy clit which should be inside your panties in such a way that you can totally concentrate on your cooking. Let me suggest these sexy panties This baby is sexy low rise brief which hugs your waist like you caring boyfriend. My favorite is that pink one with polka dots. Yass, girl. Polka dots will make you feel extra feminine. If you suddenly feel the urge to expose your panties (you know, accidentally) he will know what’s in store for the dessert. I am telling you – a peek just in the right time and you will make coffee for two next morning. Ok, you two are in bed - but what should you wear to make his dick instantly hard? Transparent panties will make sure your man’s dick gets super hard in no time. And girl, I can tell you it will remain hard for a long time. If you are doing it for the first time you must get the white one. Red or Black is the classic choice. Pink is the time when you want to be too obvious, in other words, when you are too horny. The small bow in the front screams sissy sex, guaranteed. Don’t forget the morning after sex. If you have just woken after your vigorous exercise (wink, wink) last night, and your man in still in the bed, you can be sure of a repeat performance. Don’t forget to change your panties. Make an effort girl! You can wear "Good Girl" or “Yes Daddy” . Make sure to eat something after the morning sex. You don’t want to send your man home with an empty stomach, do you? These cute panties are made of cotton and let me tell you, they are super comfy. What are you waiting for??? Go and buy.
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