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Sissy Makeup

Be the Ideal Sissy Girl with Slutty Sissy Makeup

Being a sissy girl is easiest and the best thing in your life. A sissy girl must accept the fact that she is a sissy and is bound to be dominated by her master. The submissive sissy girl has to follow the command of her master and must do it with justice. To become a sissy maid is the most important task for a sissy. Sissy maid must dress like a bimbo to ensure she looks like nothing but a sex doll. A sissy maid’s ultimate goal is to serve her master and fulfill her master’s wishes, whether sexual or not. To be the perfect sissy maid, a bimbo must look sexy and arousing which can be done with the help of makeup, wigs and other sissy products. Sissy training helps them to become such a bimbo. The training involves using makeup in such a way that arouses the master. It should be such that it brings out both your naughty as well as timid side perfectly. Sissy makeup involves use of bright lipsticks, long fake eyelashes along with colored wigs. Colors play an important role here. Red lipstick and pale face with minimal eye make-up is what that brings out the best features of a sissy girl. Dressing up like a maid by wearing short clothes that hide the intimates by a string and not more can be done by any bimbo. Sissy makeup is necessary to complement such outfit which makes sure her master is in a mood to punish her for her wrong doings. The sissy maid must be punished by her master for the mess she has created and her makeup should make her look like she craves such a punishment from her master. You can turn your hotwife into a sissy girl by using the sissy lingerie, clothes, makeup, wigs and punishment products such as butt plug, dildos etc. available at
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