Sissy and Chastity


Are you a Mistress with a Sissy? Stop the risk that the sissy will ruin its strongest and most reliable source of motivation; pure raw desire. And it is not just the sissy’s clitty that benefits. Consider the two main options left? Yes, deep throating and anal will replace fiddling in no time. Why? Chastity multiply the sissy’s submission, work morale and loyalty. In days the sissy’s clitty will drip tears of obedience. Every single touch will be enhanced. How? Get the right device. While aesthetics are important, what is more important is that the sissy can wear it long term. This means getting the proper size so it is comfortable 24/7. Put it on, lock the clitty up and you will soon have a sissy that anticipates your every need. All good sissy’s need to stay locked up until they learn proper control.  Are you a sissy in search of a Mistress? Then preparation is essential. Stand out and show your devotion. The fact that you are experienced in chastity shows a potential Mistress that you know that your desires and needs are always secondary to hers. A gold star right there. A sissy lives to serve. There is few things that will help make the training as smooth and easy as one of our hand picked sissy cages. Before you buy…

Let us talk about getting a good fit.

All these devices wrap around the whole clitty package with a ring. This is the clitty base ring. And getting this measurement right is key to a comfortable fit. Test using a cock ring or a shoelace. If you can only get a finger under up to the first knuckle then you are probably close. You want the smallest ring you can comfortably wear for about an hour’s walk. Make sure bloodflow is good and nothing is cold or blue. The size of the balls and the amount of skin the sissy carries also affects ring and cage respectively. This is no exact science since everyone is different, you will need to do an educated guess or buy a device with multiple rings. The clitty cage part need to be tight. This will make it more comfortable for two reasons. First this will align your urethra to the center. Second the clitty will not be able to grow which makes it less painful in the night or whenever it tries to become hard. Measure it limp from sack.

Limp, leaking and locked

No sissy is complete without a locked clitty. It allows a Mistress to train new complex behavior in days instead of weeks. If you are a sissy and have not tried chastity, this is going to change everything. Just go slow and be patient. Wear only an hour first time to make sure the fit is comfortable and soon the device will be a natural part of you. Welcome to a new world of constant desire <3

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